End of Semester Reflections

English 1080 this semester was actually pretty interesting. My favourite part had to be the short fiction though, which I found much more enjoyable and interesting than the poetry, but I was never the biggest fan of poetry. There was definitely some pretty weird stories though, but I think it just made it all the more interesting.

I think that my writing has really improved this semester, and I think a big part of that was the writing workshops we did in class, along with the blogs.

Besides that I don’t have much else to say expect that I really liked the course and I think it was a great way to start off this crazy journey that we call university.


How to Deal With Being the Youngest

I happen to be the youngest of a large family, with my full siblings and step siblings there is a total of 8. Growing up, there were five kids in one house; it was chaos. Over the years though, I learned that being the youngest is pretty great. I got to learned from everyone else, which I feel made me a better person. So, here are some ways to deal with being the younger sibling, because it doesn’t always seem like the best.

1) Don’t be jealous.

Everyone grows up and gets to do different things, but as a young kid you constantly want to be involved in whatever your older siblings are doing. The upside to this is that when it’s your turn to do whatever it is you wanted to, you’ll know whether or not you actually want to. Basically, you won’t make as many mistakes.

If anything, older siblings are probably more jealous of their younger siblings than vice versa. Probably because older siblings always think the younger ones are spoiled, even if we aren’t most of the time.

2) Accept help when offered.

Older siblings experience everything first. They have more knowledge about life and growing up than the younger ones. So when a time comes where they offer you help with anything at all, or advice, accept it and listen carefully to what they have to say. Sometimes you won’t like what they have to say, or won’t agree, because older siblings aren’t always right; but most of the time they are.

3) Love them no matter what.

When I was a young child I remember how two of my sisters basically hated each other, refusing to even share the same room. Me and my brother also did not get along at all. We weren’t even allowed to sit beside each other at the table. Now though, we all get along so well it’s hard to imagine we ever acted like that. I think that a lot of the time where I’d get angry or sad was because I felt left out. Many people think that the youngest is always the one who gets the most attention, but with five kids (plus the occasional three) , it wasn’t always the case. Sure, I’ll admit that sometimes I did get more (though I think I only believe that because that’s what my sisters say), but for the most part I always just wanted to hang around with my older sisters, and they wouldn’t let me. We would always say we hated each other, but never mean it. We knew we loved each other, and that is what’s important.

Even though being the youngest has it’s ups and downs, so does ever other position in a family. As long as everyone is happy, everything will turn out okay. One last tip, don’t act like a spoiled brat, because then it will be true when they call you that. And they will, trust me.



“Whether you come back by page or by the big screen, Hogwarts will always be there to welcome you home.” -J.K. Rowling

J.K. Rowling is, as probably everyone knows, the author of the Harry Potter series, as well as spin off books and other novels, even using a pseudonym, Robert Galbraith. I am a huge fan of Harry Potter and when I first heard this quote, and basically ever time after that, it just makes me really emotional. Whenever I’m sad, lonely, bored, sick, and I’ll watch one of the movies or read one of the books. I also do that just randomly too, but my point is that the Potter universe is always there for me when I need it.


“You have brains in your head. You have feet in your shoes. You can steer yourself in any direction you choose. You’re on your own, and you know what you know. And you are the guy who’ll decide where to go.” –Dr. Seuss

I’m pretty sure everyone knows who Dr. Seuss is, as he wrote so many of the most memorable children stories, some of them even being turned into movies such as the Lorax and How the Grinch Stole Christmas. This particular quote is from his story, Oh The Places You’ll Go. This quote is basically saying that you can do whatever it is you choose to do, because its your life. This is a really good quote for anyone going to university. This is a time where we make our own decisions and our parents won’t be there to guide us all the way. It can be scary and overwhelming at times, but in the end it will all be worth it and all our hard work will pay off.

“The most wasted of all days is one without laughter.” -E. E. Cummings

I think I really like this quote based on the fact that it is so true. I think that laughter is an essential part of life. People laugh when something’s funny, when they’re being sarcastic about something and sometimes to relieve stress. I usually associate laughter with friendships, because the times when I laughed the most was with my friends. I also relate it to happiness, because there isn’t many times where I would be found laughing when I wasn’t happen. So I honestly think this quote is very true. Laughter is good for everyone, and the days we don’t laugh must not be very happy.

2:30 AM

It was 2:30 in the morning and there was a raging blizzard outside. Normally she would stay awake, just watching the storm go on as the ground was covered in a white blanket. But today was different. She had just made a cup of hot chocolate when her phone rang.

She wished she had never answered.

So instead of watching the storm like she normally would, she went to her room and sat on her bed, but not going to sleep. Because how could she fall asleep? She felt like she should cry, but the tears just wouldn’t come out. All she could think was how could this possibly happen? Not five hours ago she been on the phone with her brother, wishing him a happy birthday and promising to go visit him on the weekend. And now he was dead.

She never stayed up to watch a storm again.

An Open Letter

Dear Chemistry Lab Goggles,

I hate you. I really, truly hate you and constantly have the urge to set you on fire when using the bunsen burner. And is it really necessary to make me look like I have stripes for the rest of the day when I take you off?

But I guess it wouldn’t be so bad if I didn’t have to wear glasses at the same time. Still, half the time I can’t even see when I’m in the lab because you’ll fog up or my glasses will move because you are terrible and did I mention I hate you?

I will replace you someday, I swear I will. But I’m not going to waste my money on a different pair when I already spent some on you.

Maybe we can work better together in the future, but I seriously doubt it.



Chem Goggles

Ducks Around Canada Losing Their Ability to Quack

October 9th, 2014

Earlier today there were numerous reports coming in across the country about ducks no longer being able to quack.

“At first I didn’t think anything was wrong,” said one farmer who has expressed his worry. “I went to go feed them and I saw their beaks moving but no sound coming out.”

No one really knows why this has occurred, or if it will last. Many ducks are being tested to find out how this happened, and if it is permanent, while many people across the country are expressing their concern and showing their support through social media with the trending hashtag #prayfortheducks.

Hopefully this issue will be resolved soon, for the ducks and everyone’s sake. “The ducks here make me happy every time I walk by, and it’s upsetting that this happened to them.” expressed one student from Memorial University of Newfoundland.

More news on the issue from the tests to come in an hour.

The Postcard Killers

I had read this book, The Postcard Killers, by James Patterson and Liza Marklund, a few months ago on the recommendation of a friend. Normally I wouldn’t read something like this, (I’m not sure really why, I just don’t picture myself picking up a book of this genre on my own) but we had to pick a mystery novel to read for english class last year. It’s not even very much of a mystery, as the chapters switch between the killers and the detective looking for them.

I really enjoyed reading this book for many reasons. For one, it was really easy to read as long as you remember in which perspective the chapter is in. The fact that the detective, Jacob Kanon, was so focused on the case because his daughter was a victim made you actually feel something toward one of the characters in the book besides repulsion (this is aimed at the killers; they disgust me). The whole idea of how the bodies are found is really interesting as well, and I think the fact that it’s all happening in different countries makes it a better book.

Spoiler: The killers are twins, but not just that, they’re also lovers. They lure in couples travelling in different countries and get them drunk and kill them and arrange their bodies in ways to mimic famous paintings. There were some pretty gross descriptions in the book, and I couldn’t imagine this actually happening. I actually think they were written wonderfully, and it just makes you enjoy the book even more because of the fact that they were so good at what they did that they almost got away with it.

This is what the killers try to make their first victims you read about look like, the famous Mona Lisa.

I think that if the book didn’t switch between the killers and the two protagonists, it wouldn’t have been as good because then you wouldn’t be able the see into the killers minds, and to think about what they were doing. Also, the relationship between Jacob and Dessie was very predictable, and quite honestly, I think it could have been done better.The chapters could have been made longer, or simply combined with each other instead of having 140 chapters, because when you look at a book and see it has that many chapters, it can be a bit off-putting, until you look to see how long the chapters are. When I started reading it, it was on my e-reader so I couldn’t even look at the thickness of the book to see if the chapters were long or not.

All in all, it is a good book with an interesting plot and I’m glad i decided to read it. I would recommend it to anyone who wants to read something quick and easy, and rate it 3.5/5 stars.

This is the cover of the book, if anyone is interested in reading it.

Long Way From Home

Photo 1: Home


This picture is of my backyard at home in New Brunswick (some of it anyway). This was taken sometime last year, before we got too much snow. I really enjoy looking at this picture because it reminds me of home, which I miss a little bit right now, being so far away in a province that I’ve only been in once previously, and the only way to get back is by plane or boat. It’s at times like this that I wish I chose somewhere closer to home, like UNB, to go to university, then I could actually go home for a weekend or Thanksgiving. I guess everyone will end up missing home at one point, and for me that’s right now.

The main reason I wanted to share this photo was because I love my yard, throughout all seasons, everyday of the year, and I think it’s beautiful, and I just wanted to share it with everyone. Although, my yard is a lot wider than this picture shows. When I took it, I was mostly trying to get that big old tree into the frame.

Photo 2: Pulamoo Proud 


This is a picture of me in grade 10, my first year as a goalie. I know it kind of looks funny with the non-matching gloves and pads, but I started off with used equipment, from my brother and another goalie I knew from playing ringette previously. I’m a very superstitious person though and I did try upgrading once, and I would’ve with the pads, but they’re very expensive and my brothers were slightly too big. I wouldn’t with my gloves though, they were in really bad condition and wouldn’t have lasted me another year, but they worked and I was best at catching pucks in my trapper and I felt like I wouldn’t be as good if I switched. I know that’s a bit silly, but it’s the truth.

I only played hockey for three years, while I played ringette for about eight, but those three years were the best. In grade 10, we were terrible. We won maybe two or three games all season, but we didn’t care, because we had fun. Then we went to being one of the best teams in the NB AAA Eastern Conference, making it to provincials two years in a row. I made some great friends playing hockey, and I’m really going to miss playing this year.